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About Digital Hearing Outlet

After practicing for many years in Nashville, Tennessee, Michael and Jennifer Arndt relocated to Columbia SC to be near their grandchildren, like so many residents of the Mid-State. Jennifer is a nationally board Hearing Instrument Specialist and Michael has been featured many times in the State newspaper and recently on NPR Radio for his expertise. He also serves as National Hearing Industry Consultant for SONICCLOUD, a revolutionary app for smartphones recently featured on the DR. OZ TV program.

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Hear the Difference

Michael was flown all over the nation by a major hearing instrument manufacturer to work with patients who were unable to benefit from hearing aids. His nearly two decades of experience combined with Jennifer's decade of delivering top quality care allow Digital Hearing Outlet to have an exceptional success rate with its patients.

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Expert Therapy for the Brain

Did you know about LACE? Its an acronym for LISTENING AND COMMUNICATION ENHANCEMENT. We love this effective affordable and easy to use in home program. It helps our patients to improve their ability to hear in background noise, to remember more of what is said and to understand fast talkers and soft talkers with simple exercises they do at home.

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Hearing Tests

We offer comprehensive Hearing Testing, performed in our offices or in your location. A complete understanding your hearing loss is key to a successful hearing aid fitting. Schedule your no-pressure, no obligation hearing exam today.

Hearing Aids

We offer the latest in hearing technology from the top brands in hearing care. Brands such has Phonak, Widex, Resound and more are available from Digital Hearing Outlet. Free Trials of hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers.

Earwax Removal

We feature the Earigator, which warms the water used for your earflush to exactly body temperature and is exceptionally gentle & effective! Clean ears are healthy ears, so contact us if you feel you may have an earwax problem.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aid not working well? That doesn't necessarily mean you need a replacement immediately. We will be happy to diagnose and repair your hearing aids in our office if at all possible.

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