Signia Silk

Tech Level

Silk Features

In the past, when you were diagnosed with a hearing loss, the process of being fitted for hearing aids would take some time. Fittings required customized molds and adjustments to ensure that your hearing aids would fit you comfortably and provide the best performance to meet your hearing needs. Many of the industry's best hearing aids are still fitted this way — to provide an optimal listening experience. Signia Silk changes the game as a ready-to-wear, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid, that is invisible in the ear. Features include:
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP) for improved quality of user's voice
  • Improved sound quality from past generations
  • Telecare 3.0, which allows for remote adjustments of hearing aids


Silk Warranty

  • 3 year repair and loss and damage warranty on 7x level
  • 2 year repair and loss and damage warranty on 5x level
  • 1 year repair and loss and damage warranty on 3x level


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